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User Friendliness

Along with transparency, I would like to see Brookhaven truly user-friendly and here are some ideas on how to achieve that:

  • Change the time of Town Hall meetings to 7pm, so constituents can attend them.  Additionally, have the occasional Town Hall meeting somewhere else in the Town (Suffolk County occasionally holds legislative meetings in Riverhead) and an occasional Saturday;
  • Make the Town website more user-friendly and put services on there in places that are easy to find.  Brookhaven's technology is very behind the times;
  • Put Town services (such as applying for permits, getting parking stickers, etc) online and keep offices open late on designated days when residents know they can go after work;
  • Remove some bureaucracy that is unnecessary in the Town to allow for streamlined services; this may be done by combining departments, dissolving others (like highway, which has been done in other Towns) and possibly also creating new departments;
  • Send regular Town-wide and Council District-specific newsletters both by mail and electronically, but also with the correct website on them. These mailers should include information on what the Town does and how they can help residents;
  • End closed-door meetings and appointments from “the clubhouse” by publicly noticing positions and the annual organizational meeting;
  • Hold “Town Halls” around the district specifically for constituents to voice their concerns; and,
  • Clean up Town Code and make the permitting process less onerous, this will also increase the safety of residents.

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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